Kids Tutoring


At Family Wellness and Yoga, we offer reading tutoring for kids.

Ms. Leanne gets kids reading quick! Her specialty is making the reading and writing process stress-free, interactive, and FUN with proven and consistent results.

Ms. Leanne believes that learning to read should be a joyful experience. Her mantra is FOUNDATION and FUN is the KEY to reading success!

Family Wellness and Yoga offers:

  • A personalized educational plan that helps kids soar academically, mentally and emotionally.
  • Literacy instruction with Superkids -a dynamic program that looks like no other and works like no other!

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  • Reading support with Secret Stories®. Children learn the “secrets” to cracking the reading code in an exciting and engaging way!  Secret Stories teaches children WHY letters make the many different sounds that they do.

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  • Yoga Literacy: an innovative, immersive approach that integrates yoga and mindfulness with literacy skills.
  • Ms. Leanne serves children with all abilities